About the FireEye Community

Version 14

    The FireEye Community serves as forums and knowledge bases; we want our customers and partners to have access to each other as well as our "official" solutions and best practice guides.


    It's a balancing act

    For solutions and guides developed by FireEye, we have to balance accuracy and polish against getting information out quickly. If there's a better, simpler way to solve a problem, or an article needs more clarity, let us know by posting a comment to the article.


    We welcome our Partners and Customers to share their solutions and best practices, as well. You're the experts in your respective fields and for using our products in your respective environments.


    Just ask

    If you don't see an existing article or discussion that answers your question, start a discussion. If our partner or your industry peer can get you the right answer before we do, we'll mark that answer as Correct.


    It's about you - all of you

    Whether experts in Information Security and FireEye Products or novices looking to learn, we believe everyone has something to contribute to the Community. We only ask that you stay respectful and constructive when using this platform. We look forward to learning from you, too!


    If you have any feedback or suggestions for the FireEye Support Community, you are welcome to start a discussion or to contact cristina privately.


    Thanks for your contributions and happy sharing!