How to Follow, Share or Bookmark FireEye Community Content

Version 20




    Figure 1: Social Command menu


    Figure 2: News Page & Custom Streams


    Figure 3: Profile > More > Bookmarks



    Figure 4: Helpful answer



    Following content, tags, places, or people in the FireEye Community allows a system notification to be sent to your Inbox or News page whenever content is posted, updated or commented on. Note that whenever you follow someone or something, the notifications automatically default to your "Connections Stream" on the News page (see Figure 2). You can organize the things you follow into custom news streams and even have notifications sent to your email address.

    • To follow a discussion, document or similar item:
      • Click the Follow button in the Social Command Menu (see Figure 1, left) on the right-hand side of the discussion or document page.


    • To follow a space or group:
      • Click the Follow button on the right side of the place banner.Screen_Shot_2015-11-18_at_3_15_48_PM.jpg
    • To follow a person, choose one of the methods below:
      • From the People tab of the top navigation bar, find that person and click the Follow button at the right of the screen.
      • From a person’s profile page, click the Follow button in the upper-right corner of their profile (just below the search box).
      • From a content item, place your cursor over their name until a mini-profile popover appears and select the Follow button in the lower left corner.


    You can share content with other users in the FireEye Community. The user will receive a notification in their FireEye Community Inbox with a link to the content (see Figure 1).


    Note: Most content in the FireEye Community requires a user to log in to view; some restricted content may require additional permissions.



    You can bookmark content to save it for later reference (see Figure 1).

    To see your bookmarks, go to your profile page and click More > Bookmarks (see Figure 3).

    Helpful answers


    Indicating that a content is helpful is a way of communicating approval or positive feedback without posting a comment (see Figure 4).