How to set up email notifications for appliance hardware events

Version 9





    To receive an email notification when certain events occur on an appliance, use the following CLI commands:

    (config) # email notify recipient <$email_address>
    (config) # email notify event <$event>

    The events available for notification may vary between appliance types and operating system versions. The table below shows examples of events and event descriptions. For a list of events actually available on each appliance, use the following CLI command:

    (config) # email notify event ?


    To confirm which events have been enabled for email notification, use the following CLI command:

    (config) # show email events


    EventEvent Description
    process-crashA process in the system has crashed.
    disk-space-lowFilesystem free space has fallen too low.
    disk-space-ok Filesystem free space is back in the normal range.
    smart-warningSmartd warnings.
    interface-upAn interface's link state has changed to up.
    interface-downAn interface's link state has changed to down.
    user-loginA user has logged into the system.
    user-logout A user has logged out of the system.
    syslog-rotationSystem log files rotation.
    excessive-temperatureExcessive temperature has reached.
    normal-temperatureTemperature is normal.
    raid-status-failureA RAID error has occurred.
    raid-status-recoverA RAID has recovered.
    physical-disk-failureA physical disk has failed.
    physical-disk-recoverA physical disk has recovered.
    power-supply-failureA power supply has failed.
    power-supply-recoverA power supply has recovered.
    fan-failureA fan has failed.
    fan-recoverA fan has recovered.
    license-state-changedA license state has changed.
    security-update-failureSecurity update has failed.
    http-throughput HTTP throughput has not increased for a specified time.
    hardware-bypass-enteredPermanent hardware bypass mode entered.
    inline-engine-upInline packet inspection engine process bott is up.
    inline-engine-downInline packet inspection engine process bott is down.
    if-link-change An interface link has changed.


    Thanks to davebloomer for contributing to this article and to amitkarpe and george.anderson for helping with its upkeep!