How to customize your FireEye Community News Streams

Version 5



    The FireEye News Page has a default "Connections Stream" for all users, and additional default streams for specific audiences. For example, Customers will also see a default "Support" stream which lists updates from the FireEye Support Community & Knowledge Base. You can also customize your FireEye Community News to deliver information streams that are meaningful to you.


    To create a custom stream:

    1. From the left-hand menu of the News tab, select New Stream.
    2. Name your new stream (in this example, Helpful People).
    3. In the right-hand window, select the people, places, or tags you would like to follow.
    4. To have this stream's notifications sent to your email address, toggle the email button from "Off" to "On."
    5. Click the Done button.


    Note: Once a stream has been created, you can select it from the "Follow" button on any profile, place or piece of content.