FAQ:  FireEye Data Center Security Solution

Version 3



    This article provides a brief introduction to leveraging the FireEye Data Center Security Solution.


    What is the FireEye Data Center Security Solution?


    The FireEye Data Center Security Solution protects unstructured data residing in the enterprise data centers content repositories and servers. The solution detects malware to shield data centers from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and sophisticated malware that resides in content stores, Web and application servers, and common file shares.


    Customers can use the solution to:

    • Effectively discover advanced malware in content repositories and file stores
    • Prevent server infections by providing intelligent server drive scanning
    • Ensure enterprise trusted zones are free from advanced malware
    • Protect webservers by scanning for malicious hosted content on server
    • Perform deep forensic analysis to characterize data center malicious activities


    What are the solution components?


    The solution comprises of products, services, and threat-intelligence sharing that work together to protect your key assets.


    Featured Products:

    • FX Series – Content Threat Prevention Platform
    • AX Series – Forensic Analysis Platform
    • CM Series – Central Management Platform


    Subscriptions & Services:

    • Dynamic Threat Intelligence Cloud
    • Data Center Malware Assessment Service


    How does the FireEye Data Center Security Solution protect webservers?


    The solution protects the web servers “data-at-rest” scenario. The FX Series product can be used to scan web server local storage for any malicious content hosted as single object files.


    How does the FireEye Data Center Security Solution protect websites?


    The AX series in “live mode” can be used to scan a list of URLs to ensure the websites are not hosting and serving malware to visitors of website.


    We have huge unstructured data repositories. How can FireEye help protect us?


    FireEye Professional Services offers a Data Center Malware Assessment that can establish a security baseline of your data repositories. The FX series can then be deployed to proactively scan content entering the data center.