FireEye HX Troubleshooting [ILT]

Version 2

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    This one-day instructor-led course builds on the foundation provided by the FireEye Troubleshooting course, providing guidance specific to FireEye HX appliances.


    Hands-on activities will give learners experience resolving common issues.



    Course Objectives

    Upon completion of the course the learner should be able to:

    • Resolve issues commonly encountered with xAgent whitelisting
    • Validate endpoints to ensure they are performing as expected
    • Utilize HX logs and diagnostics for troubleshooting purposes


    Course Outline

    1. Deployment
      • Checking hardware deployment
      • Agent compatibility
    2. Connectivity
      • Agent connectivity and validation
      • HX – HXD connectivity
    3. Whitelisting
      • Whitelisting
      • Validate a whitelist
    4. Performance
      • General performance settings
      • Memory map I/O
      • Creating effective memory map I/O settings
    5. HX Logs
      • Using and understanding logs
      • Logs for xAgent install/uninstall issue
      • Obtaining agent logs from endpoint
      • Using agent diagnostics


    Lessons are typically a blend of lecture and hands-on lab activities.



    Students should have

    • Experience administering Windows-based systems
    • Completed the FireEye HX Deployment course
    • Completed the FireEye Troubleshooting course


    Target Audience

    Anyone who administers FireEye HX appliances.