FireEye Troubleshooting [ILT]

Version 1

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    This one-day instructor-led course introduces a framework for troubleshooting FireEye's NX, EX, FX, AX, and CM appliances. The course includes checklists, case studies, and guidance for transitioning difficult cases to the FireEye support team.


    Hands-on activities will give learners experience resolving common issues.


    Please note FireEye HX is not covered in this course. FireEye HX Troubleshooting is a separate course; this course is a prerequisite for the FireEye HX Troubleshooting course.



    Course Objectives

    Upon completion of the course the learner should be able to:

    • Find and remediate common issues without escalating to FireEye Customer Support
    • Follow the escalation process for sending more difficult cases to FireEye Customer Support
    • Follow-up on support cases using FireEye's Customer Portal


    Course Outline

    1. Troubleshooting
      • Basic troubleshooting
      • Best practices
      • Issue identification
      • Common issues
        • Licensing
        • Administration
        • Hardware
        • Boot/Running issues
        • Upgrades and updates
        • Performance
        • False Positives
      • Understanding logs
    2. Transition
      • Transition a case to FireEye Customer Support
      • Using the FireEye Customer Portal


    Lessons are typically a blend of lecture and hands-on lab activities.



    Students should have

    • Experience with network administration and support
    • Completed the FireEye Alerts Analysis course


    Target Audience

    IT Administrators, Customer IT Support.