After some use with the newer versions of FireEye CMS, HX, NX and EX I have come up with some examples of FMR’s I would like to see implemented.


  1. Display Appliance Host Name:

Increase the user friendliness of the Web Interface for those that have to manage many FireEye appliances at one time.

I think this would be especially useful for your own SE’s and consultants that have to visit many different environments for both POC’s and deployments.


Right now I am managing 9 appliances from 4 different products of the CMS, HX, EX and NX appliances and I currently need to have all the console windows open at one time.


I would like to see a few of things here.

  1. Display the hostname in the console prior to logon (Example A)
  2. I would like to have the host name of the appliance displayed in the tab next to the FireEye logo – we already bought it, we know it is FireEye, The host name is a million times more useful to us. (Example A)
  3. I would like to have you adopt a color coded tab for the appliance tab. (Example B)


Example A


Example B


      2. MTA Failure notifications limit increase:

                    I would say I do not mean to be so blunt, but I must in this case, my job depends on it.


I would like to also get these notices on my cell Phone email address:


The comment that this just plain sucks – is an understatement – the ability to have FireEye in line with Email is crucial.

Being alerted to a failure in the MTA chain is essential to not only WM – but to myself as well.


So this needs to be updated in some way. (Example C)


Example C