This post will be good for beginners or first timers to FireEye on the basic network configuration setup right out of the box.

The appliance that I have tested on is CM7400, NX4420 and NX4440. Other new models may have the same behaviour.


  1. Remove the beidge-coloured console cable that comes shipped with your FireEye appliance.
  2. Connect the console cable to the back of the FireEye appliance and the other end to your laptop via a USB to serial converter.
  3. Run your putty.exe or any other similar SSH program, go to serial connection, specify your COM port, connect with the specified speed of 115200. (That is all you need to change if you are using putty.exe)
  4. Enter the default login as "admin" and password as "admin" (Both without the quotes)
  5. Hit Enter and the EULA should come out.
  6. Hit space, accept the EULA and proceed with the configuration on screen
  7. License input is not necessary at this point of time, as the appliance will generate a 2 weeks temp license. Copy and paste the license key via the email sent by FireEye Sales Order so that you will not miss any characters.
  8. Admin password can be changed here. Remember to specify the IP address and gateway so that you can connect to your management network and access on your browser via https://<appliance_ip_address> at the comfort of your desk.